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Believe in yourself

Prior to your Coaching Program, as a client, you will need to take the Purpose and Character Development Assessment to help determine which program(s) will fit your needs.

Each program is custom-designed to take you from where you are (transition) to where you want to be (transformation) spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Coaching Modules are geared for women and women’s groups who are looking to take a journey by tapping into their inner purpose while discovering and developing their Spiritual Gifts, Talents, and Abilities through Mindful Thinking.

In addition, developing those gifts to help activate and execute their goals, making a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.

Purpose and Character Development Coaching, God’s way!

Purpose and Character Development Coaching rates start at $225.00 an hour, based on your customized Coaching Package.

Pricing in subject to change

Start living today

Program Length: 3 – 12 Months

Initial Coaching Consultation: Starting at $95

Per Hour Price: Starting at $225/ hour

Each program is custom-designed, based on each individual or groups’ initial assessment.

Your customized coaching session will help you tell and rewrite your story with an appetite for purpose spiritually, physically, personally, and professionally.

Character development coaching modules

The fit motivation

Part 1
Spiritual Heart Checkup

Part 2
Spiritual Heart Checkup (Scripture Based Wellness Program)

Discovering and developing your spiritual gifts, talents and abilities

Part 1
Discovering and Developing

Part 2
Identifying and how to use Your Spiritual Gifts, Talents, and Abilities

Lifestyle navigators & women in the marketplace

Part 1
Your thoughts, speech, and actions

Part 2
+ More

Winter special

5 Components of Your Soul Cares Module
$30.00 for 30 minutes
No expiration
Price is subject to change

Note: Remember each Coaching Package is customized based on the need of each church group, organization or individual.