Character development coaching modules

The fit motivation

Part 1
Spiritual Heart Checkup

Part 2
Spiritual Heart Checkup (Scripture Based Wellness Program)

Discovering and developing your spiritual gifts, talents and abilities

Part 1
Discovering and Developing

Part 2
Identifying and how to use Your Spiritual Gifts, Talents, and Abilities

Lifestyle navigators & women in the marketplace

Part 1
Your thoughts, speech, and actions

Part 2
+ More

Winter special

5 Components of Your Soul Cares Module
$30.00 for 30 minutes
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Note: Remember each Coaching Package is customized based on the need of each church group, organization or individual.

Book Me As Your Speaker!

Discover How To Live Your Life On Purpose

Are you looking for an Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Mastermind Facilitator, Panelist, Trainer, or Workshop Host to inspire, motivate and lead your next workshop, summit, or mastermind event?

As a Certified Wholistic/Life Coach and Certified Purpose Development Coach, my focus is on building confidence, discovering and developing gifts, and skillsets. While helping to activate and execute purpose development, while transforming from limiting beliefs to a positive mindset.

One of my goals will be to help your audience, rewrite their stories by transforming their mindsets and restoring their sense of their God-given purpose. Which I believe will give them more clarity and focus on what they want specifically to achieve and accomplish their goals, physically and mentally.

As a result, helping them to become the face of their brand, personally and professionally!

A brand that will reflect their God-given Purpose, Integrity, and Character! A brand people will Know, Love, and Trust!