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One of my goals is to help you find your passion by digging deep and transforming your inner purpose. I take your inner purpose and push you forward to pursue and execute your goals while discovering and developing your spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities!

3 Keys To Purposeful Living

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  1. Do what feels good. Contribute in a way that ignites you!
  2. Live intentionally.
  3. You are here to do something. Get out and find it!

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My Philosophy

What other's are saying!

Susan H.
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“Attending Karen’s two workshops added some much needed clarity for me. By attending her workshops I also acknowledged where I was living my values out and where I could use some attention. I also realized how much developmental growth is happening and rather than feeling like I was spinning my wheels, I recognized I am smack dab in the thick of all of the things that are important to me and I am taking it a step at a time and living it out. It was obvious that the next step for me was to place value and purpose as well as focus. And that is powerful for me as it grounded me with confirmation that there is no question. So onward and forward. What a delight and so much fun.”
R. Stwart
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“I had the privilege to be coached by Coach Karen about two years ago and I still apply those principles to my life daily. Coach Karen is truly a “Life Coach” because she tailors the coaching to your individual needs, simply by listening to you and applying experience and most importantly the Word of God.”
S. Hall
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“I have been coaching with Coach Karen for a few years. It has really changed my life. Her coaching is completely tailored to you! There have been times when I prayed about something and in our session, she would speak on it/confirm it without me saying a word. That let me know that she was connected to God. I have had some really dark moments in my life that she has coached me through. No matter how low I felt or what the situation is she always has a positive word for me. Not only does she coach through life but she genuinely cares about your overall well being. She makes you feel like an individual and not just another appointment! THANKS COACH KAREN!”
A. Henderson
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“Karen is amazing at helping you identify your gifts. She empowers you to pull out those strengths and cultivate a life of excellence and purpose in God.”
R. Johnson
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“So, I never think of our talks as “coaching”, as I’m not a paying client. But she has always lifted my spirits, check my path and spoken only unconditional truth.”

Be amazing by starting to live your life purposely

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

Even when circumstances don’t seem to be going as planned. Know that God’s Plan and Purpose always does!