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When the big banks can’t help, we can!

Incredibly fast business capital, equipment financing, and payment processing. Quick funding up to 2M.

Get up to 25K in business capital

Qualification Requirements:

$5,000+ Monthly Bank Revenue

Business Checking Account

6 Months in Business

450+ Credit Score

All Industries Included

A New Alternative in Employer Healthcare!

Employers and Business Owners can now save with the Nation’s Largest PPO Network. ACA & ERISA Compliant. No Deductibles or Open Enrollment Restrictions.

Today’s telecom environment is complex.

DAC Telcom, powered by AppSmart makes it easy. We represent all the major providers and will help determine the right solutions at the best price. We provide your business with a one-stop, best offer solution for voice, internet, VoIP, mobility, data, cable, and the cloud.

More Features. More Coverage. Better Price.

Cyber Crime and Identity Theft is now the #1 Crime worldwide. Using your name and social security number, bad actors gain access to credit cards, vehicle purchases, bank account transfers, etc., and do this in your name without you knowing, yet you end up liable. Protection for when the unexpected happens.