Your Body! Your Temple (Your Garden)!

Spring is Coming! Have you thought about your garden, lately? Are you pleased with the way it looks?
When you think of your garden, it should be cared for daily; by tilling, planting, weeding, nurturing and
watering. How is your garden growing?

To be sure that your garden will blossom into a beautiful flower, let’s start by planting your first seed,

As women, we should be complimenting in every part of our lives and the lives of others.

We truly must be aware of how we maintain our body’s outer appearance, by being clean, neat, modest
and appropriate. It is our responsibility, not to neglect how we look. How we speak, think and act will
definitely manifest our inward appearance as well as our outward appearance. It always starts with the
mind, body and soul.

Ladies, our attire is important and should reflect as a representation of who we are, personally and
professionally. Our inward beauty should take precedence over too much makeup, gaudy jewelry, or
clothes that are revealing. Don’t get me wrong, style and beauty, does not need to be compromised.
When we are comfortable and happy with our inward beauty or outward will reflect the same.

In addition, good manners should blend in with your total image. You should be able to extend such a
humble and loving hospitality to others. Because you have those necessary social skills, which allows
you to relax and be free it will enable you to display an illuminating image. You should be considerate
of others feelings and opinions giving you the opportunity to reflect a loving and kind hearted character.
The hidden beauty of our hearts, is characterized by a quiet spirit, when revealed it is displayed
outwardly and become precious and bring joy to all those around us.

How is your garden looking, now?
Blessings and Love!
Coach Karen A. Scott
Certified Purpose Development Coach/Certified Wholistic Health Coach
Website: www.coachkarenascott or
Next Month: Seed #2